We are excited to share our 2017 Annual Report with you! This report reflects both the breakthrough moments we’ve had over the past year, and points to where we’re headed as an organization and an environmental movement.

We created a playful map to explore where we’ve been, and invite you to join us to create a positive environmental future for Alberta. Although the map shows much better in person, we have it available for you online. If you’d like to receive a copy, please let us know!

Explore our programs and highlights from some of the projects we invested in through our Environmental Grant Program by our priority areas: water, land use, and climate change.




Financial Statements

Like most organizations, we also suffered a few dark clouds on the revenue side. After a short pause in the fall of 2016, we recovered our Environmental Grant Program thanks to the generosity of long-time donors, including the Edmonton and Calgary Community Foundations. We still face urgency in securing our financial future, so 2018 will see us focus deeply on updating our business model and program offerings to clearly demonstrate value in a rapidly changing world.




Partners & Supporters

Alberta Ecotrust is all about authentic and trusted partnerships. Our partners and collaborators work closely with us to develop and deliver a range of critical programs. In addition to our Visionary Partners and our Program Collaborators, Funders and Major Sponsors, we also depend on the continued foresight and generosity of our individual, family and business donors who believe in us and share our vision of healthy ecosystems for all Albertans. These numbers continue to grow, and we thank each and everyone of you for help to advance positive environmental solutions in Alberta.


Request A Copy

Would you like a copy of our 2017 Annual Report? Trust us, it’s much cooler in person. Let us know your address, and we’ll be sure to send you our report!