For 30 years Alberta Ecotrust has brought Alberta environmental nonprofits together with members of the corporate community to fund and steward environmental projects across the province. Our larger corporate Visionary and Patron Partners are a big part of our continued success but there is also an invaluable growing network of small and mid-size corporate donors directing community investment support towards our work.

Coming from sectors like hospitality, financial management, engineering consultancy, environmental services and more, these businesses make corporate charitable contributions to help us serve our mission. More and more businesses are recognizing that an investment in the health of our environment is an investment in the health of the communities they work in. Corporate giving budgets may range in size but corporate donors at all levels know that a donation to Alberta Ecotrust has an amplified impact across a range of projects, issue areas and regions in our province.

Recently, we received a donation from our friends at Brightspot Climate Inc. after a member of their team recalled the great experience she had at our annual Environmental Gatherings. The team at Brightspot Climate Inc. recognized the values they shared with Alberta Ecotrust when making the decision to donate.

We aim to work collaboratively with stakeholders across Canada and the globe to apply innovative and efficient solutions to mitigating climate change. Alberta Ecotrust shares this approach in its work to invest in organizations and partnerships working to protect the environment in the areas of water, land use, and climate change. As an organization with footprints across the country, we are proud to support Alberta Ecotrust’s efforts to protect the environment in our own backyard. – Aaron Schroeder, Director, Brightspot Climate Inc.

The support of corporate donors like Brightspot Climate Inc. makes it possible for us to deliver programs that support the people and projects that protect our environment. If your business is interested in supporting environmental projects in Alberta with a corporate donation, please contact our Engagement Director, Vicki Stroich, at [email protected].

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