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Alberta Ecotrust Retrofit Accelerator

Guiding your sustainable building upgrades

Retrofit Accelerator

The Alberta Ecotrust Retrofit Accelerator program aims to reduce emissions from existing buildings in Alberta through sustainable building upgrades, known as deep retrofits. We recognize that many building owners and managers face challenges when it comes to prioritizing sustainable building upgrades, and we are here to help.

What are Deep Retrofits?

Deep retrofits are an integrated approach to upgrading various parts of a building's systems and infrastructure with the goal of reducing emissions, energy consumption and operating costs.

Program Services

We identify and minimize barriers to sustainable building upgrades, or "deep retrofits" through free coaching services for building owners and managers. We also work to develop and expand Alberta’s sustainable retrofit network.

1) Free coaching services for building owners and managers

  • Providing guidance and day-to-day assistance throughout the entire process of retrofit planning, design and implementation

  • Developing realistic retrofit plans that fit their unique needs, barriers and budgets 

  • Finding ways to implement retrofits as part of the building’s natural upkeep

  • Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of different funding, financing and grant options for retrofits

  • Offering partial funding for studies such as energy assessments, decarbonization plans and business case development

  • Retrofit Accelerator does NOT provide grants or rebates for capital costs associated with retrofit projects. However, we will assist with capital funding applications and navigating funding processes.

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2) Development and expansion of Alberta’s sustainable retrofit network

  • Building a network to help reduce emissions from existing buildings in Alberta at a larger scale through capacity building, training, peer-to-peer networking and research

  • Expanding Alberta Ecotrust’s Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX) to include events, training, and research related to deep energy retrofit topics. Learn more at

  • Developing market assessment and gap analysis of deep retrofits

  • Developing and sharing research to help support the adoption of deep retrofits across Alberta

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Eligibility Criteria

Your building(s) MUST be located in Alberta and meet the program's eligibility criteria to apply for our free coaching services.

Eligible buildings:

  • Multi-unit residential buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals

NOT eligible buildings:

  • Single-family or detached homes

  • Duplexes

  • Fourplexes

  • Row houses

  • Townhouses

  • Industrial buildings

  • Any buildings outside of Alberta

Get Involved

While this program officially launches in the fall of 2024, we are currently seeking building owners and managers to join early and help shape the future of this initiative.

Contact our coaches today

Impact of Deep Retrofits on Buildings

Making comprehensive sustainable upgrades to a building's systems and infrastructure not only reduces its emissions, but also reduces its energy consumption and operational expenses.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

In Edmonton and Calgary, buildings account for 40 to 60 percent of emissions. Deep retrofits significantly reduce buildings' carbon emissions by integrating renewable energy, upgrading to high-efficiency systems, and improving insulation.

Lowering Building Expenses

Deep retrofits improve a building's overall energy efficiency, minimize operational and maintenance costs, and enhance it's long-term value and sustainability.

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Making sustainable building upgrades more attainable

We are committed to making deep retrofits more attainable and creating an environment where they can become an ordinary part of building management and maintenance for building owners and managers.