Grant Review Committee funds nine new projects in Alberta

Twice a year, our partners on the Grant Review Committee meet to discuss, deliberate, and ultimately fund important environmental projects across Alberta. Composed of representatives of our corporate partners, and members of the Alberta environmental non-profit community, the review committee faces a daunting task.

This fall, the Alberta Ecotrus Grant Review Commitee was tasked with narrowing the selections down to nine. Almost every proposal is strong in its own right, and selecting the grants with the greatest opportunity for impact is both rewarding and challenging.

“This was my first time attending a grant review meeting, and it was tremendous to see the committee weigh each decision,” says Rod Ruff, the new Program and Engagement Manager at Ecotrust. “Each member of the commitee brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table, and the discussion surrounding each project is engaging and a learning experience for everyone involved.”

Ultimately, the Grant Review Committee awarded just under $120,000 to nine different projects across Alberta. This brings the total amount of projects funded by Alberta Ecotrust to $326,200 in 2013. Breaking it down by our environmental priorities [external link], this year Ecotrust gave $114,950 to water related projects, $158,750 to projects which fall within our landscapes priority, and $52,500 to projects which focus on air, climate and energy.

Without further adieu, let us introduce our Fall Grantees.

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