Become a Network Weaver!

Alberta Ecotrust is embarking on an exciting new journey – Network Weaving Coaching in Alberta’s environmental sector. We invite you to join us for this opportunity to develop your skills in strategically connecting people and moving them to breakthrough action.

We will select a maximum of ten individual applicants to take part in the Network Weaving Coaching sessions, taking place between January and March, 2015. Participants will take part in eight 90 minute coaching sessions over 3 months. Sessions will be hosted online via virtual room. Participants in Calgary may be able to meet in person.

The environmental issues that we face are complex. No single person or group can effectively address them alone. Alberta Ecotrust’s intention is to support the creation of healthier, self-organizing networks (“network weaving”). Our goal is to achieve new breakthroughs or opportunities within the environmental sector. Analysis of the social network maps from Mapping What Matters, and the 167 Alberta environmental groups who participated, opens many doors. We can connect people who have different ideas, diverse perspectives, and complementary skills. We can discover and build common ground. We believe innovative ideas, and effective action, will emerge from these new, active, and intentional networks.

Network Weaving Coaching participants will learn how / develop their skills to:

• Strategically connect with people who focus on and care about the environment
• Give and take feedback, share experiences and ideas for transformative change
• Work together in news way, through experimentation
• Build more effective and innovative “intentional” networks that bring together diverse perspectives
• Generate action that leads to breakthroughs in the environmental sector

The ideal candidate for Network Weaving Coaching has the following qualities: you are an active listener who is comfortable giving and receiving feedback, you take interest in what interests other people, and you think with the “big picture” in mind. The coaching is beneficial to people who are beginning to develop their network, as well as those in well-established networks.

There is no cost to take part, but you must have the consent of your organization to commit the time required for this training. It is mandatory to attend all sessions, and complete assignments and self-directed practice activities.

For more information about Alberta Ecotrust’s Network Weaving Coaching program please contact Natalie Odd at [email protected] or 587.228.6391.

Please complete the application and submit via email to [email protected] by Thursday, December 18th to Alberta Ecotrust.

Download the Network Weaving Application

The Calgary FoundationThe Mapping What Matters project is made possible through generous support from The Calgary Foundation.


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