Call for Volunteers – Gathering Animators

Alberta Ecotrust seeks volunteers to join our “Gathering Animation Team” for our upcoming Environmental Gathering! “Gathering Animators” are creative, engaging, and savvy environmental champions who will maximize the experience for Gathering participants.

These volunteers will help design and optimize the experience of attendees by guiding and connecting participants throughout and capturing ideas and feedback in creative ways. Animators will also foster the development of personal connections throughout the event, from the moment people enter the venue, throughout discussions, networking activities, roundtables, sessions and more.

Gathering Animator tasks and responsibilities:

Phase 1: Planning and Design 

  • ‣ Participate in weekly meetings where we will continue to design and plan Gathering animation and facilitation activities: Mondays at the Kahanoff Centre from 6.30pm to 8.30pm starting January 18th through February 22nd. *People from outside of Calgary can participate virtually via Skype.
  • ‣ Work with the Alberta Ecotrust team to assign roles and assume responsibility for tasks leading up to the Gathering.

Phase 2: Event Implementation

  • ‣ Attend the Gathering starting the evening of Thursday, February 25th through Saturday, February 27th .
  • ‣ Set up and tear down of rooms at the Gathering.
  • ‣ Animation activities: Greeting and directing attendees, hosting sessions, facilitating roundtables, connecting and weaving participants, creatively capturing feedback and taking notes, being active on social media.

To join the Gathering Animation Team, please complete the document below and send to Natalie Odd at [email protected] by Monday, January 11th at noon. We will confirm your participation by Wednesday, January 13th.

Join Our Animation Team!


In February 2016 Alberta Ecotrust is hosting the first annual Environment Gathering in Calgary, Alberta! We’re bringing together many of Alberta’s 200 environment and sustainability related organizations that work to protect the ecosystems that provide all of us with life and prosperity. Attendees will learn new tools, approaches, and frameworks to think about social and environmental change differently. Most importantly, the Gathering will nurture relationships among attendees and build a more resilient, cohesive, and connected environmental community in Alberta.

Learn more about the event.


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