About the CitiesIPCC Legacy Research Grant Program

The City of Edmonton, with support from Alberta Ecotrust, are partnering to deliver research grants to help advance knowledge about how Edmonton can become an energy sustainable and climate resilient city. Research projects should align with the Global Research and Action Agenda on Cities and Climate Change Science (Research Agenda) which includes the topics of Urban Planning and Design, Built and Blue / Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Finance, and Informality.


PLEASE NOTE: The CitiesIPCC Legacy Research Grant Program for 2021 is currently on hold pending budget confirmation. Please check again in the near future. Please review the following timeline, and all criteria and guidelines for the CitiesIPCC Legacy Grant Program in advance of submitting a proposal. We highly recommend all interested parties contact us in advance of applying for funding.

Application Portal Opens

  • All applications must be submitted through our online system.
Application Portal

Application Deadline

  • All applications must be submitted through the online portal.

Grant Criteria

All projects must align with Edmonton’s goal of being an energy sustainable and climate resilient city. Check the City of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy and the Climate Resilient Edmonton - Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan to ensure your project contributes to those goals. Please note that the City is currently updating the Community Energy Transition Strategy to align with the international target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Please visit the Energy Transition Strategy Update website to stay informed of these changes.

Proposals must align with one or more of these three areas of focus:● Energy Transition● Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience● Citizen Science (to support Energy Transition, and Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience) Maximum disbursement per project is $50,000.

Project & Organization Eligibility

We highly recommend all interested parties contact us in advance of submitting a proposal to ensure project and organizational fit.

Project Eligibility

  • All research must address the priority issue of energy transition and/or climate change adaptation and resilience within the boundaries of the City of Edmonton
  • Project end date is a maximum of 18 months after the start date
  • There is no requirement for submissions to identify matching funds, however this grant award may be combined/stacked with contributions from other sources
  • Indirect or overhead costs are eligible up to a maximum of 15% of the grant request

Eligible Organizations

  • Academics and academic institutions, including graduate students
  • Registered nonprofits and registered charities
  • For-profit and private sector entities are eligible provided they partner with an academic and/or nonprofit organization who acts as the lead proponent for the project.

Research Agenda

Preference will be given to research projects that address one or more of the following research questions:

Energy Transition Key Research Questions

Energy Transition

  1. The challenge of space heating. The role of hydrogen, geothermal and renewable natural gas as replacements for space heating and the logistical and technological challenges with respect to economics infrastructure and logistics.
  2. Electricity grid readiness for at scale distributed energy technology and the solutions: infrastructure and logistics.
  3. Financing the low carbon transition: financial products and financing approaches to get to scale in the Canadian context. What is the public and private capital approaches?
  4. Climate justice and equity in public policy and programming. How do we ensure Alberta prosperity is maintained and the vulnerable are protected as conventional fossil fuel industry is less prominent in the economy.

Adaptation & Resilience Key Research Questions

Urban Planning & Design

  1. Heat Island Mapping and Assessment in Edmonton, and options for citizen science in mapping.
  2. Urban Development and planning decision-making tools (e.g. modeling), new climate resilient approaches for design and construction standards and recommendations or guidelines for climate resilient buildings (i.e., for building code integration) for climate resilient neighbourhood development.

Built and Blue / Green Infrastructure

  1. Nature-based solutions (such as Low Impact Development) at the Neighbourhood Scale for climate adaptation in the Edmonton context.

Sustainable Production & Consumption

  1. Resilient local food systems and technologies to enhance local food production.
  2. Small and medium business resilience to climate change, climate emergency preparedness.


  1. Cost-benefit analysis of new climate resilient developments (versus disaster recovery costs).


  1. Impacts from climate change in Edmonton that address one or more of:
  • Homelessness (i.e. inner-city camps, etc.)
  • Homeless shelters and agencies
  • Energy poverty
  • Health, and/or wellness

Application Portal

PLEASE NOTE: The CitiesIPCC Legacy Research Grant Program for 2021 is currently on hold pending budget confirmation. Please check again in the near future.

If you have any questions about this program please contact our grant staff by calling 403-209-2245, 1-800-465-2147 (outside of Calgary) or email [email protected].

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