Climate Change is More than an Environmental Issue: How to Prepare for a Low Carbon Economy

Alberta Ecotrust, along with the Calgary Chamber for Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and The Pembina Institute invite you to join a conversation about the nonprofit sector’s role in climate change leadership:

Tuesday, October 25
1 – 4 pm
Women’s Centre of Calgary (39, 4 St NE)
$45 CCVO members | $65 non-members

There is a growing awareness that the issue of climate change and the transition to a lower carbon economy has implications across the nonprofit sector. This raises several questions, including:

• How does the nonprofit sector demonstrate leadership and effect meaningful change?
• Why is it important to apply a climate change lens to your operational management and to the very issues you exist to address?
• What does your organization need to know about the transition to a lower carbon future?

We’ve assembled a panel of experts to wrestle with these questions. In this session you’ll learn how the transition to a lower carbon economy represents a ‘third industrial revolution’, and why people are talking about the concept of a ‘just transition’.

You’ll hear from nonprofit leaders who are making the connection between climate change and issues such as gender and poverty. You will have the opportunity to apply a climate change lens to your work.

Finally, you’ll hear about the opportunities that will unfold as we move to a lower carbon economy.

Panel Presenters:

Dr. Sara Hastings-Simon, Director of the Pembina Institute’s Clean Economy program in Alberta

Krystal Northey, Community Development Coordinator, Women’s Centre of Calgary

Helen Corbett, Executive Director, All One Sky






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