Collective Strategy & Leverage Points in 2016

the great ideasAs we all move our strategic thinking into the new year, we want invite you to join other environmental leaders, champions and colleagues in building some common ground and shared goals at our upcoming Environmental Gathering: Change the Climate. These are exciting times we live in and collective strategy has never been more important!

Change the Climate is not about climate change. Well, it can be. It is essentially about connecting you and your work to others. As an organization. As a collection of organizations. As a community of thought leaders, activists, strategists, and planners. The Gathering is about issues you are working on. It’s about understanding the landscape you operate in that includes other ENGOs, industry, plus local, regional and provincial governments. It’s about strategy. You will be exposed to a comprehensive look at what’s happening in each sector and what the leverage points are for you and other ENGOs.

It’s also about change. Policy change. Behaviour change. Systems change and innovation. With experts and examples of successful campaigns, you will be exposed to and learn from others demonstrating good practice and big wins. You will be provoked and also encouraged. You will be proud and also stretched. You will definitely be engaged. You will find enthusiasm for continuing what’s working, stopping what’s not and trying something completely different.

The Environmental Gathering is for everyone in the environmental community: leaders, staff, board members and volunteers. There will also be people from government and industry as well as interested citizen champions. ENGO leaders will share recent environmental successes from across Alberta, inject energy into existing work, and provide a creative space for exploring new ideas.

Attendees will learn new tools, approaches, and frameworks to think about social and environmental change differently. Most importantly, the Gathering will deepen and nurture relationships among attendees and build a more resilient, cohesive, and connected environmental community in Alberta.

Our goal with Change the Climate is provide the first of an annual gathering that will:
• Identify and focus on new leverage points and opportunities for environmental action.
• Host honest conversations about shared failures and successes; optimism for the future.
• Motivate participants to feel validated and supported to build momentum.
• Provide new tools, ideas, and frameworks that improve both organizational effectiveness and environmental impact.

We think it’s time to be more cooperative and deliberate about understanding the complexity of environmental challenges and how to shift systems towards solutions. We have a program and speaker line-up that will inspire you to think about new possibilities; strengthen relationships and partnerships; and find common ground that leads to shared agendas and strategies. The cost is low and we have a limited number of travel subsidies available.

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