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Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX)

Alberta Ecotrust is launching a collaborative initiative to accelerate emissions-neutral buildings.


The Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX) is a collaborative initiative that brings industry together to shared knowledge and build capacity for emissions-neutral construction and retrofit practices across Alberta. ENBIX is an initiative of Alberta Ecotrust.

Our built environment is where we live, work and gather, but buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta. Industry leaders understand the need to decarbonize buildings. ENBIX aims to develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, and resources of the construction and building sector. By sharing knowledge around emissions-neutral building and retrofitting, ENBIX will help reduce climate impacts, stimulate job opportunities related to clean technologies, and support healthier indoor and outdoor environments. 

  • Host and partner on educational and networking events

  • Share case studies and stories

  • Support research and collaboration

  • Lead and partner on programs and communities of practice

ENBIX Event Calendar

This calendar has the latest Alberta events related to emissions neutral and high-performance buildings.

Shaping the Exchange

Alberta Ecotrust, in collaboration with the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) and Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA), partnered with the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary to conduct an engagement and analysis project titled “Shaping the Exchange.”

The “Shaping the Exchange” engagement included roundtable sessions, surveys and one-on-one interviews with industry leaders. Research included a jurisdictional scan, policy landscape review, and a needs and gap analysis.

In 2023, Alberta Ecotrust published two reports: a Calgary report, and an Alberta report. The reports outline the findings from the engagement and research and make recommendations.

Title page of the Shaping the Exchange Calgary report.

Launching December 7

ENBIX is launching December 7, 2023. Questions? Contact us at

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