Sustainable societies must ultimately balance the impact of human activity with the quality of ecosystems that support life. Albertans have told us what is important to them, so we gear our programs to support and strengthen the environmental nonprofit community in Alberta working on issues related to water, land use and climate change.



Albertans depend on clean and available water. The dramatic effects of climate change, coupled with growing industrial, agricultural, recreational and residential demands, are having serious consequences on the health and integrity of the Alberta rivers and lakes we all depend on.

Alberta Ecotrust invests in projects and programs that have positive impacts on water quality and quantity, ranging from local stream cleanups to watershed-related policy and planning. Issues related to wetlands, floodplains and river flow needs, land use activities impacting surface or groundwater, health risks, urban runoff and conservation strategies are all areas requiring additional attention in Alberta.




Albertans depend on healthy land for food and are inspired by nature. Urban, recreational and industrial development threatens the health and biodiversity of wildlife populations and habitat. With additional impacts on water, many agricultural and municipal landscapes across the province are also under scrutiny as development increases. There is growing interest in new ideas on land use that include soil conservation, local food strategies, shared infrastructure and locally sourced, green building materials.

Alberta Ecotrust invests in projects and programs that protect or enhance the ecological function of developed and native landscapes. Including those that identify and protect or restore natural areas, improve the management and or connectivity of critical wildlife habitats, and demonstrate compatibility of human activities with land use, including sustainable urban and rural planning.


Albertans are experiencing the social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change. Meeting the long-term commitment to stabilize greenhouse gases requires a wholesale shift in societal thinking. Human consumption and activities are collectively having serious consequences and effects on the atmosphere. The production and use of power and electricity also have significant long-term impacts.

Alberta Ecotrust invests in projects and programs addressing greenhouse gas and emissions reduction and energy conservation. This includes a range of ideas from alternative transportation, energy efficient green buildings and infrastructure, the use and promotion of renewable energy and a number of behaviour changes that result in significant reduction in consumption of power and energy.