Everyone is welcome at Alberta Ecotrust!

Alberta Ecotrust has always been a partnership organization but the understanding of who we partner with to invest in solutions to contribute to healthy ecosystems in Alberta has constantly evolved.  We believe there is a role for industry, environmental nonprofits, government, communities and passionate individual Albertans in supporting environmental work in the province.


“Alberta Ecotrust is your loving supportive grandmother. Everyone is welcome at her table. Everyone has an important perspective. And everyone deserves to be heard, respected and supported. Somehow, she finds it in herself to respect and support everyone at the table because she knows that we’re each working towards the best version of Alberta in our own small way.”  This quote from donor and artist Chris Brooks really captures the spirit of our work in a way we hadn’t quite been able to articulate ourselves.  


Many think of us primarily as a funder and we do, indeed, fund environmental projects throughout Alberta.  We also bring Albertans together across boundaries to share perspectives, discuss ideas and celebrate shared successes with our largest convening being our annual Environmental Gathering.  This year we asked delegates to pay it forward and contribute to bursaries to provide better access to the range of voices we invite to the table.  Bursary donor Karen Goddard Hermanson sees the value in having a range of voices in the discussion, “We all benefit when individuals, businesses and government work together to move towards the goal of a sustainable world.”


This diversity of perspective is increasingly reflected in Alberta Ecotrust’s community of support which includes individuals, different levels of government, community foundations, professional networks and a range of corporations.  That so many different parts of the community value our work is a wonderful vote of confidence. That people feel valued as part of the ongoing discussion and environmental solutions space we create truly inspires us to build momentum in bringing more Albertans together.


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