Amy Taylor is the Director of Operations for Green Analytics. She has completed numerous projects on a range of topics related to ecological services and carbon storage, habitat conservation, conservation offsets, conservation banking and market-based and economic policy instruments. As a senior staff person with Green Analytics, Amy is the primary project manager for all of Green Analytics projects. She thus has extensive project and staff management experience. Amy has been the project manager for numerous projects involving the quantification and valuation of natural assets and ecological services including projects for Shell Canada, Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI), and Forests Ontario. Amy brings experience conducting natural asset assessments and valuation as well as substantial work related to sustainability indicators and the collection, prioritization and monetization of social, economic and environmental indicators. Amy has led natural asset assessments for candidate protected areas in Canada’s north for Environment Canada, Mission Creek in British Columbia and the Municipal Natural Asset Initiative (MNAI). Amy was a lead researcher on pioneering indicator work in which a genuine progress indicator (an alternative measure of well-being to that of traditional measures, such as the gross domestic product) was developed for the province of Alberta. This project involved the measurement and valuation of numerous ecosystem goods and services for the province of Alberta over a 40-year time period. Amy leads all of Green Analytics work related to the MNIA ensuring quality control, liaising with the client and the communities and leading the reporting for Green Analytics deliverables. Amy has worked and consulted with an array of other groups including governments at all levels, industry and non-government organizations. She holds a masters of resource management from Simon Fraser University and a science degree in environmental science and economics from Trent University.


Join Amy, Christine, and France for the Idea Talk: Valuing Nature session on Thursday, November 12 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.