Thana Boonlert moved to Calgary in 2013 from Ottawa to be closer to the mountains and to be a strong voice for climate change advocacy. He’s always been passionate about environmental issues and the outdoors, and realized that in order to protect it, that he should be at the heart of where many of the issues stem – Alberta. Over the course of his 7+ years in Calgary, Thana has been actively involved with numerous environmental and social justice groups, and has also run in the provincial and federal elections. He is currently working as a greenhouse gas specialist helping large industrial emitters find ways to reduce their emissions while also generating a revenue.

Thana’s relentless drive for climate action is thanks to his balanced lifestyle that helps prevent him from burnout. Thana has found a mental outlet by means of photographing his outdoor adventures, writing poetry, and composing songs. Through his art, he has been able to collaborate with brands and organizations with environmental goals, and also lure in audiences by using photography to share messages. By endeavoring in poetry and music, Thana has found that he has been able to reflect and creatively express his advocacy work, while also at times simply using it as a tool to relax and unwind. He firmly believes that art (in its many forms), has the ability to save lives and even the planet if used wisely.


Join Thana, Barbara, Becky, Melanie, and Courtney for the Cultivating Wellness: Get Creative session on Wednesday, November 4 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.