Stephen Legault is a full-time writer, photographer, political analyst, and strategy consultant. Stephen has been writing since 1988, and for nearly as long has been leading national and international conservation programs and organizations. To learn more about Stephen’s consulting work, visit Highwatermark Strategy & Communications.

The author of fifteen books, his writings includes nine murder mystery novels, books of essays on Buddhism and Taoism, and a collection of works by 25 authors on Alberta’s Bow Valley.  His most recent publications include the photo-essay book Where Rivers Meet: Photographs and Stories from the Bow Valley and Kananaskis (2019) and Taking a Break from Saving the World (2020) which explores the culture of self-sacrifice that permeates the work done by volunteers and paid staff in the environmental conservation movement, and dissects how to manage our own time, energy, and commitment to our causes. Following a river-running metaphor, and proposing a variety of techniques to help with various states of anxiety resulting from burnout, as well as organizational structural changes, Stephen encourages readers to find time to “eddy out”—to rest a moment in quieter waters and scout downriver—to ensure our lifetime of engagement is fulfilling, effective, and self-sustaining. To learn more about Steph’s writing work, visit


Join Stephen, Jennifer, Amy, and Jodi for the Cultivating Wellness: Sustaining Ourselves session on Thursday, December 10 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.