Grace Wark is a Conservation Specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA). She joined AWA in May 2018, having recently graduated with her BSc in Environmental Science. In her final year of studies, she completed an honours thesis on how Calgary’s environment has been represented through the City’s open data portal. This research emphasized that how we choose to create and share information influences the ways that environmental opinions form and consequently how environmental decision-making proceeds. At AWA, Grace strives to provide robust, science-based information, so that Albertans can be involved in the management of their wilderness and advocate its conservation. Her other conservation priorities include issues and opportunities along the Southern Eastern Slopes and in Alberta’s forests.



Wild Spaces 2020: Alberta’s Pathway to Protection

As the world faces a biodiversity crisis, our governments have turned to protected areas to buffer the regional impacts of development, climate change and land-uses. Canada has signed onto a number of international biodiversity commitments, including the UN’s Aichi Targets, which commit to 17% protection of lands and inland waters by 2020. To date, Alberta’s approach to protection has been piecemeal, resulting in disjointed “islands” of protection. AWA’s Wild Spaces 2020 campaign is a call to action for the Government of Alberta to fulfill critical commitments to protection before time runs out. Join us as we discuss progress towards the Aichi targets, Alberta’s incredible wild spaces, and how we can work together to achieve wilderness protection.

This workshop is co-hosted by Joanna Skrajny and Nissa Petterson, Conservation Specialists at the Alberta Wilderness Association.


Look for this workshop in the Friday Morning program at 10:30 am. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Alberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 Good Health Well BeingAlberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 Life Below WaterAlberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15 Life on Land