As the President and Founder of Intelligent Futures, John applies his expertise in community engagement, design thinking, strategic planning and capacity-building initiatives. In all his projects, John’s focus is on creating positive impacts —in communities, within organizations and beyond. His ability to connect with individuals and understand their priorities, objectives and motivations has contributed to his success in developing customized and effective solutions that meet the needs of clients and community members alike. John’s volunteer work includes serving as President of LEAD (Leadership in Environment and Development) Canada, an organization committed to leadership in sustainability. John is also the host of 360 Degree City, a podcast that explores city-building. John’s work has been recognized with awards from organizations including the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, the International Association for Public Participation, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.



Going Deeper: Understanding Zero-Waste Challenges through User Experience Mapping

User experience mapping is a process used to gain a deep understanding of the experience of a particular kind of ‘user’ in a system or challenge space. It allows us to move beyond the typical research blind spots that come from sanitized stakeholder mapping, by facilitating the consideration of several non-ideal, complex states of being as they experience a challenge.

In this learn-by-doing breakout session, we’ll immerse attendees in a zero-waste challenge space, choose key users to embody, and then guide them toward obtaining a deep and empathetic understanding of the actions, challenges, thoughts and emotions that make up their user’s realities.

This workshop is co-hosted with Cassandra Caiger, Engagement Lead for Intelligent Futures.


Look for this workshop in the Thursday Afternoon program at 2:00 pm. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Alberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1 No Poverty Alberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 Zero HungerAlberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 Responsible Consumption Production