Pat Letizia is known for her enthusiasm and candor, and is an ardent champion for the environment and the voluntary sector. She has been with the foundation since 1996, prior to which she completed a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at the University of Calgary while raising 3 young children, carpooling, volunteering for several organizations and holding down a part-time job. She inherited some of her drive and independent spirit from several generations of Alberta homesteaders.

She has significant experience in local, provincial and national arenas of environmental philanthropy and non-profit program development, and is regularly invited to contribute her ideas and expertise in a range of advisory and leadership roles. Under her leadership as Executive Director, Alberta Ecotrust has grown significantly in both financial assets and community impacts.



Women’s Perspectives: Climate, Leadership & Community

Around the world, women lead on the fight against climate change. Even in Canada women are at the forefront of climate dialogue and climate action – in the nonprofit sector, in business and at home. Women make 85 percent of household purchase decisions in Canada and women in executive positions are more often than not mothers and grandmothers, too.

With diverse backgrounds in corporate law, engineering, technology, environmental science, and organizational leadership, four women who consider themselves climate champions will discuss their love and hope for their families and communities. They’ll share their concerns about climate change and the negative discourse around it, the importance of diverse voices and their pride in the advances and efforts of their respective companies and organizations.

Pat will be joined by Natalie Odd, Executive Director of the Alberta Environmental Network; Joy Romero, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.; and, Kate Chisholm, Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer at Capital Power in a casual and friendly conversation about women at the nexus of climate change, leadership and family, and how we can encourage and support each other to take action.


Look for the panel in the Friday Morning program at 9:00 am. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!



Building a Constituency for Climate Action

Are you engaging millennials, women and new Canadians in your climate outreach? You should be according to the latest research. Across political and social spectrums, there are growing opportunities to engage new and diverse audiences of Canadians that care about climate change but have not been ‘activated’.

This session will provide participants with a quick review of the Alberta Narratives Project and the new Canadian research on climate communications imperatives, then take a deeper dive into how to engage priority audiences, find authentic messengers and use value’s-based narratives on the environment and climate change to build a community of climate change champions who take action and push for political leadership on climate change policy. Participants will work on message creation, audience identification and potential collaboration strategies that include new climate allies.


Look for this presentation in the Friday Morning program at 10:30 am. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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