Kinza Arshad is a fourth-year Bachelor of Communication Information Design student at Mount Royal University. As a knowledge and information aficionado, the most valuable exchange of information and learning experience, for Kinza, happens in a meaningful conversation. As a strong believer in the inclusive capabilities of design, Kinza created a low-tech collaboration tool incorporating Indigenous ways of teaching and learning. Outside of her studies, Kinza enjoys exploring creative and artistic activities like photography, painting, embroidery and filmmaking.


Networking Break Activity

How might we create safe, collaborative and cross-cultural learning opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at a university level?

University campuses in Canada have an opportunity to be leaders in reconciliation and indigenization. There are challenges in introducing Indigenous knowledge in a way that is safe, immersive and integrative for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Universities can look at creating opportunities that bring people together rather than put individuals in a position of discomfort or defense.

Academic introductory courses are not enough as, due to administrative decisions or lack of awareness, there are not enough scheduled Indigenous Studies classes. Rather, lessons can be taught outside of the classroom using both innovative and familiar ways of teaching and learning. These opportunities can break down barriers and allow students to build familiarity, empathy and cross-cultural understanding, paving the way to discussing more sensitive and difficult topics.

The MRU Student Showcase will exhibit parts of Humanly, the 2018 Information Design Student’s capstone project.


Look for this activity in the program during the Lunch Break on Friday at 12:00 pm. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of this United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:


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