Marley Kozak serves as a Community-based Monitoring Program Coordinator for Alberta Environment and Parks to implement an inclusive environmental monitoring and science (EMS) program that addresses local and regional concerns and interests. For the past five years, Marley has been working with Indigenous peoples, local communities and organizations throughout Alberta to build relationships, understand community needs and create opportunities for meaningful involvement in environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The goal of her work is that, in Alberta, Indigenous, local and scientific knowledge systems are treated as equally valid, complementary, and integral components of EMS programs.



Indigenous Climate Change Observation Network

Working collaboratively with Indigenous groups across Alberta, Alberta Environment and Parks is developing an Indigenous Climate Change Observation Network (ICCON) to mobilize Indigenous and scientific knowledge for climate change monitoring and inform climate change policy and adaptation planning at the community, local, regional and provincial level.

Participatory Video (PV), an ICCON component, enables communities to monitor, document and communicate their climate change observations and adaptation priorities, and then share these videos with diverse audiences including other Indigenous communities, policy makers, and the general public.

Join Marley, Diandra Bruised Head, Alvin First Rider, and Abbey Soosay to discover about an innovative method for effective climate change monitoring and adaptation planning.



Look for this presentation in the Thursday Morning program at 10:45 am. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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