Clarence Wolfleg Sr. (Agar) is from the Siksika Nation, his traditional name translates to “Red Crane”. This traditional Siksika name was also his fourth great grandfather’s name, who watched our eastern Siksika boundaries for many years back in the 1600’s. He attended the Indian Residential School in Siksika and has used the name given to him, which is “Clarence Wolfleg”. He is one of three Elders who serve the Aboriginal students at Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre.

Clarence was elected for ten terms as a member of Siksika Council and served under many Siksika chiefs. In 2013, he finished the last term with Siksika Nation Chief & Council. Clarence is a member of the Sacred Horns’ Society and the Brave Dog Society which are traditional Blackfoot Societies.

Clarence is a seven-year veteran of the International Peace Keeping Initiative in the mid 1960’s. Upon his return from the Peace Keeping Initiative, he became a police officer and served fourteen years as an RCMP Special Constables. He served as Chief of Police for the Siksika Nation and worked for Corrections Canada. He was also employed with the Native Counselling Services of Alberta’s court programs.

In November of 2016, At Fall Convocation, Elder Miiksika’am was awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Arts Degree in ― Sociology for his longstanding affinity with Mount Royal University and his exemplary leadership in Calgary, Alberta and Canada.


Clarence will open the 2019 Environmental Gathering with a blessing in the Thursday Morning program at 8:30 am. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!