Robyn Webb has a master’s degree in urban planning and a background in community development and sustainability. She presently works for the Energy Transition Unit at the City of Edmonton where her portfolio of work focuses on residential energy efficiency, renewable energy and the low carbon economy. Robyn uses training in passive house, EnerGuide, etc., to lead the development of municipal programs and policies aimed at reducing emissions from homes in Edmonton. She is passionate about creating sustainable cities and the path to a low carbon future.



Low Carbon Cities Canada: Accelerating Action to Reduce Emissions in Calgary and Edmonton

Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) is a new network of seven local centres supported by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Alberta Ecotrust, in partnership with The City of Calgary and The City of Edmonton, will operate local LC3 Centres in both Calgary and Edmonton to identify, invest in, and scale up carbon reduction solutions.

Modeled on The Atmospheric Fund in Toronto, the LC3 approach provides the capacity, capital, and risk tolerance necessary to remove barriers to the adoption of new technologies, policies, and financial tools that can significantly reduce urban carbon emissions. The funds will be invested and support local programs on a revolving basis – generating ongoing revenues for grants, projects and operations. Initial projects in Alberta will focus on deep energy retrofits in the commercial and residential sector, and local deployment of renewable energy. Positioned in alignment with, but outside of, local government will allow LC3 centres to take on a nimble, accelerator role that complements and advances leadership work undertaken by municipalities.

In this session, learn about how The City of Calgary and The City of Edmonton are taking action to address climate change, and how these new LC3 Centres will work with many stakeholders to work collaboratively to design climate solutions that create many valuable local benefits.

This presentation is co-hosted with Dick Ebersohn, Manager of the City of Calgary’s Climate Program and Rod Ruff, Program Director at Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.


Look for this presentation in the Thursday Afternoon program at 1:30 pm. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to the 2019 Environmental Gathering!


Explore this environmental solution through the lens of this United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

Alberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 Industry Innovation InfrastructureAlberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 Sustainable Cities CommunitiesAlberta Ecotrust 2019 Environmental Gathering United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action