Go Big, then go for dinner! The Great Alberta Action Challenge


Starting this Wednesday, June 22nd and running until July 6th, Alberta Ecotrust and Imaginea Energy invite you to be part of the Great Alberta Action Challenge! It’s easy, fun, helps the environment and…drum roll…there is a grand prize to be won! The six participants who complete the most “Green” actions over the two weeks win access to a group dinner with Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea, and Pat Letizia, Executive Director of Alberta Ecotrust.

The competition officially begins on Wednesday, but you can get ready to participate today by following the instructions below.

Let’s celebrate 15 days this summer by making our actions count!

How to join the competition:

1. Register on Verdigo here: Once you’re signed up, you can access all of Verdigo’s game features.

2. Click “Leaderboard” on the menu at the top of the page to find the “Great Alberta Action Challenge” group.

3. Click it to see its details, including the prize involved.

4. Join by clicking “Request to Join.” You’ll be approved within 24 hours.

How to play:

Once you’ve registered for the Leaderboard, you’re all set to start playing and claiming points.

There are two types of green actions logged on Verdigo: Everyday Actions and Challenges (also known as “Double Dog Dare Ya’s”).

You’ll find their page links on the top menu on any page of the website. Instructions are listed for each kind of action on its respective webpage.

Here’s the gist: read through the actions; click and claim points for each one you’ve done.

1. Everyday Actions are the ones you do pretty much…every day. Return to claim your actions once a day during the competition.

2. Challenges are slightly more difficult, and are meant to encourage people to go outside their comfort zone. These actions can only be claimed once during the competition.


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