Carbon Capture for Nonprofits

Install building-level carbon capture and storage technology through Carbon Capture for Nonprofits. This pilot project is under development and more details about how to join will be provided in 2023.

About the pilot project

Are you a nonprofit in Alberta looking to reduce emissions, lower costs and improve building performance?

Nonprofits in Alberta are facing unprecedented pressures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued economic challenges in our province.

For nonprofits, energy conservation measures can help reduce their environmental footprint while also improving their financial resilience through lower overall operating costs. 

Finding ways to reduce energy use in buildings can be time-consuming and expensive, making it difficult for nonprofits to lower their operating costs.

To help reduce overall operating costs in an inexpensive way, carbon capture and storage units can be used to rapidly reduce building energy use and emissions while creating a new income stream.

That is why Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, with support from Cenovus, has partnered with the technology provider, CleanO2, to launch the Carbon Capture for Nonprofits pilot project.

This program works with nonprofits, charities and social housing organizations in Calgary and Edmonton to install the CARBiN-X unit in their building so they can reduce emissions, lower costs and improve building performance. 

Thank you to our pilot project partners

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About the Clean O2 units

Small-scale carbon capture units.

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CleanO2 has developed an innovative modular solution, the CARBiN-X unit, capable of reducing building heating system emissions by at least 20%. R&D initiatives are expected to reach 40% emission reductions, with implementation projected in the next year.

Further to direct carbon capture, they also reduce overall building energy demands by 20% through utilizing heat recovery associated with the technology.

The CleanO2 business model not only includes free preventative maintenance for their customers but also helps contribute to the creation of valuable products (such as soaps and detergents) made from the up-cycled and permanently sequestered CO2. 

About the Climate Innovation Fund

This project is possible with funding from Alberta Ecotrust's Climate Innovation Fund. The Climate Innovation Fund targets the major urban greenhouse gas emissions sources in Calgary and Edmonton.

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