Retrofit Support in the Multi-Unit Residential Sector

Accelerating energy saving retrofits for multi-unit residential buildings in Calgary or Edmonton.

About the Project

In Calgary and Edmonton, residential buildings account for 20 to 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve meaningful emissions reductions, we need to reduce energy use in the building sector.

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Deep energy retrofits of our current building stock need to be done quickly and at scale. Retrofits can be costly and complex, making it difficult for building owners to achieve deep emissions reductions.

To advance retrofits in the residential sector faster, a ‘one-stop solution’ approach can be used to design, invest, install and monitor energy upgrade projects. 

This is why Alberta Ecotrust Foundation partnered with Efficiency Capital to launch retrofit support in the multi-unit residential sector in June 2023. The program works with financing organizations to provide building owners with access to capital for energy upgrades. 

Why Participate?

Deep retrofits can help building owners save energy, lower operating costs, and improve energy affordability for tenants.

By participating in this project, multi-unit residential building owners can access capital to undertake a deep energy upgrade in their building. This program works with Efficiency Capital to manage the retrofit process, provide access to capital, and assure that cost savings and emissions reductions are achieved. 

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