Alberta Ecotrust CoPower Green Investing Webinar

Green Investing: Putting your money to work for the environment

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  When it comes to making a positive impact on the environment there has never been more urgency or more agency for Albertans. There are so many decisions to make: what we eat, how we commute, where we shop and whom we create caring communities with.  This time of year, we also have the opportunity to think about where we invest our money and what we want those investments to support.


As someone whose awareness of the impact of my choices has been growing, I am thinking about not just how to reduce my personal plastic use and where my vegetables come from.  I want to understand how to best assess larger choices I am privileged to be able to make.  Regardless of the amount one can invest in RRSPs or TFSAs, we can make choices that align with our values and there are more and more resources to help us choose wisely.


But what is in a Socially Responsible Mutual Fund and how are those responsibilities monitored?  What is impact investing and how do you explore those investment options? Can you find out the carbon footprint of your investment portfolio the way you can find out the carbon footprint of your weekly bacon consumption? What makes someone a Responsible Investing Certified Advisors and how do you find one in your area?


Where do you start?

Alberta Ecotrust and our friends at CoPower have teamed up to cohost a free webinar to provide an introduction to green investing for individuals and organizations interested in learning how to make their money work for the environment.


The webinar will be on Thursday February 14 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. MST.  Just in time to consider investments in advance of CRA’s March 1 deadline for RRSP contributions!


Guests include:

  • – Patti Dolan – Calgary based Portfolio Manager with Mission Wealth Advisors Raymond James and a certified Responsible Investment Advisor;
  • – Tim Nash – Founder of Good Investing and the popular blog The Sustainable Economist;
  • – Trish Nixon – Managing Director and Head of Capital at CoPower.


Registration is available here.  We hope you’ll join us!


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