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Impact Investing

We invest in projects and enterprises that will directly reduce urban emissions in Calgary and Edmonton with the potential to scale across the economy.

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We’re investing in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Through our Climate Innovation Fund, we identify, invest in, and scale up solutions by supporting projects, organizations, and enterprises in alignment with the climate action plans in Calgary and Edmonton.

Investments and financing provided by the Climate Innovation Fund focus on three key areas:

  • Building Better & Retrofitting Wiser: The development of high performance buildings in new construction and deep energy retrofits of existing building stock 

  • Moving on Mobility: Facilitating the shift to active transportation as well as low-carbon or low-emissions vehicles

  • Decarbonization & Renewable Energy: Decarbonizing fuel sources and materials, new technologies for urban scale emissions reductions, machine learning and AI for energy management systems, and renewable energy

We invest a minimum of $100,000 directly in companies and projects involved with the buildings, transportation, and utility sectors that match our following requirements to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Are we a match?

Financing Structures

We’ll work with you to design a structure to meet your needs, and we will invest via debt or equity instruments, or other flexible or hybrid financing solutions, so you can focus on being innovative.

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About the Climate Innovation Fund

This program is possible with funding from Alberta Ecotrust's Climate Innovation Fund. The Climate Innovation Fund targets the major urban greenhouse gas emissions sources in Calgary and Edmonton.