LET’S SAY #Yes2ClimateYEG

Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future, is launching the #Yes2ClimateYEG campaign to support a low carbon future and healthy environment.

At Alberta Ecotrust, we know that Edmontonians have a vision for a climate-friendly future. In fact, the City of Edmonton’s recent perception surveying indicates that 74 per cent of Edmontonians are concerned about climate change and 75 per cent agree on the need to take action now. Further, over 70 per cent agree that investing in energy efficiency provides job opportunities for Edmonton (from the 2020 City of Edmonton’s Climate Change and Energy Perceptions survey). 

Alberta Ecotrust supports a climate positive future through our Environmental Grant Program, the EcoCity Edmonton Grant Program and the CitiesIPCC Legacy Research Grant Program in partnership with the City of Edmonton.

With the launch of the new Climate Innovation Fund, Alberta Ecotrust will take urban climate action to the next level providing climate programing, grants, and direct investment in Edmonton (and Calgary) in an effort to accelerate urban emissions reductions. Opportunities are everywhere in Edmonton for climate action – in infrastructure, transportation, buildings, and more. 

“Through the eyes of the individual, we can deepen our understanding of climate change and translate what is often positioned as a burden into that of an opportunity. A personal journey can surface the failures of our systems and provide a northstar to effective, just and equitable solutions. I encourage residents of Edmonton to take part in this campaign and assist in building a climate positive future.” – Mike Mellross, Program Director of the Climate Innovation Fund, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Share how you envision a low-carbon Edmonton positively impacting you on social media using the hashtag #Yes2ClimateYEG, or submit your story to Tomorrow Foundation!


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