Mapping What Matters: Evaluating Critical Networks, Capacity, and Collaboration in Alberta’s Nonprofit Environmental Sector

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At Alberta Ecotrust, we believe the environmental challenges we all face are too large for any organization to address alone. It is critical that we work together to find solutions to the most pressing issues of our day. Mapping What Matters is social network mapping and needs assessment survey of the environmental nonprofit sector is Alberta. We expect to compile and aggregate data from over 300 organizations to create a rich picture of Alberta’s environmental community and networks.

We believe the environmental sector in Alberta is not well understood, connected or adequately supported. The information generated from survey responses will provide Alberta Ecotrust with in depth knowledge of Alberta’s environmental nonprofits (ENGOs) and help us to be as relevant and supportive as possible. This will provide essential information on the issues, expertise, and relationships within the ENGO community to help Alberta Ecotrust serve this sector most effectively as a convener and facilitator, grantmaker and capacity builder.

For these survey and mapping results to be meaningful we require an 80-90 % response rate. We are appealing in the strongest terms possible to all environmental nonprofits in Alberta to complete the full survey.


Learn more about Mapping What Matters, including how you can participate. 


Did we mention that the first 50 respondents to complete the entire survey will receive a $15 Amazon gift card?!  And all respondents who complete the survey will be entered in a draw to receive an Alberta Ecotrust $1,000 Mini-Grant for Capacity!

The Calgary FoundationThe Mapping What Matters project is made possible through generous support from The Calgary Foundation.

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