At Alberta Ecotrust, we believe the environmental challenges we all face are too large for any organization to address alone. It is critical that we work together to find solutions to the most pressing issues of our day.

If you are the Executive Director, Board Chair or primary decision-maker for an environmental nonprofit in Alberta we would like to invite you to complete this confidential survey. The collective responses will help us understand the scope, scale and needs of Alberta’s ENGO community in order to optimise how our programs can best support the important environmental work you do as charities and nonprofits. Your responses will also contribute to a collective understanding of this sector and results will be shared with all participants via a summary report. Please add your voice!


INCENTIVES! For these survey and mapping results to be meaningful we require an 80-90 % response rate. We appeal to you in the strongest terms possible to complete the full survey at your earliest convenience. The first 50 respondents to complete the entire survey will receive a $15 Amazon gift card. All complete respondents will be entered in a draw to receive $1,000 Mini-Grant for Capacity!



The deadline for participation has now passed.


Why this is Important

We believe this sector is not well understood, connected or adequately supported. The information generated from your survey responses will provide Alberta Ecotrust with in depth knowledge of Alberta’s ENGO sector and help us to be as relevant and supportive as possible. We expect to compile and aggregate data from over 300 organizations to create a rich picture of Alberta’s environmental community and networks.

This will provide essential information on the issues, expertise, and relationships within the ENGO community to help Alberta Ecotrust serve this sector most effectively as a convener and facilitator, grantmaker and capacity builder. In turn, we will provide you with a summary of important data analysis because we think this information will also be of great interest and benefit to you.

Network Mapping

Building on previous knowledge and research, this new survey will provide the most comprehensive baseline to date and includes something new and exciting from Alberta Ecotrust – social network mapping. We are confident this will be a valuable asset to add to your toolbox! Essentially, knowing who is working together and who would like to work together enables to us “map” these relationships to better understand how we function as a sector and how Alberta Ecotrust can best support collaboration. This network map will also show ENGOs who is working on similar issues or in similar regions and help to facilitate and improve these valuable connections for greatest collective impact.

The Survey

The total time required to complete the entire survey is about 40 minutes so grab a cup of tea and a comfortable chair and settle in! The good news is that it can be done all at once or in two parts. This type of social network mapping requires specialised software. As such, the survey is broken into the following sections:

Part I: Network Mapping

This section will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete and asks basic operational information about your organization as well as questions specifically related to issues you work on and how connected you are or could be to others working in the same region or on similar issues.

Part II: Capacity Needs Assessment

This section will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and asks questions about your organizational capacity and perspectives on collaboration.

Privacy Policy and Information Usage

Your privacy is important to us and we do not rent, sell or share personal information. Read our policy for more information.

We assure all participants that organizational data collected in the survey is confidential will only ever be publicly shared in aggregate form in reports back to the sector, etc. This data will be used primarily to inform Alberta Ecotrust capacity building program direction and strategy, however, we anticipate sharing some of the data analysis and network maps with the ENGO community in the course of our charitable work. The intent is to understand and identify new opportunities. NOTE: It is separate from and has no bearing whatsoever on funding decisions made by Alberta Ecotrust. We encourage you to be completely candid in your responses.

Questions, concerns or request to withdraw your consent for Alberta Ecotrust’s use of organizational information may be directed to Rod Ruff at [email protected] or 403.209.2245.

Thank you for your participation!

The Calgary FoundationThe Mapping What Matters project is made possible through generous support from The Calgary Foundation.