Our Earth Day Message

On April 22, more than one billion people around the planet typically honour Earth Day. It is the largest secular event celebrated across the world every year as a day of action to remind people of our shared responsibility as environmental stewards. This is the 50th Anniversary!

Of course, this year is different from other years. As Alberta and the rest of the world face a global pandemic, we can see more vividly the fragile global links between equity, the economy and ecosystems.

That is why Alberta Ecotrust so appreciates our nonprofit, industry and government colleagues and stakeholders who continue to hold and create the fertile ground for innovation, collaboration and progress needed for environmental solutions to take root in our province.

With the generous support of our partners, funders and donors we strive to support a vibrant community of over 300 environmental nonprofits across Alberta who, like many others, do really important work, often in the background of our lives, keeping us interconnected and healthy.

Like us, they want each of you to be safe and well. Nature and the people in our communities will help sustain us through these uncertain times. So this year on April 22, we invite you to do something simple for the environment.

Plan or plant a garden, hug a tree, shop locally, use less energy, visit a park, walk along a stream or in a forest, and remind yourself that hundreds of organizations in Alberta have your back in the long term. You can see some of this amazing work here.

Earth Day 2020 is a splendid opportunity to celebrate both our resilient community and the beautiful places and wild spaces of Alberta.

We are so pleased to do so. Thanks to all of you!

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