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The Good Life Community Bike Shop

Project Steward

Jamie McNaul



The Good Life Community is a resource center offering services to ALL Calgarians while also offering individuals the opportunity to volunteer their time and skills to help others. The GLC’s primary goal is to build a stronger community while promoting healthy and active lifestyles and environmentally sound means of transportation.  It offers a safe, supportive and inclusive place where community members can interact, help out, and learn from each other.  Aside from the benefits of encouraging self-sufficiency, resiliency, and empowerment, environmental benefits include reducing carbon emissions through reduced traffic congestion as well as individual production in addition to recycling bicycles and parts otherwise destined for the waste stream.

The Good Life Community’s current home is being torn down and we need to make a smooth transition to a temporary home while we await the development of our longterm home in partnership with Heritage Property Corporation to ensure that the amazing level of current momentum does not dissipate. The transition space is currently being secured by a dedicated and able committee – there are several options being researched and the issuing of development permits regarding our current location will affect our strategic plan in choosing exactly when and thus where to move.

Alberta Ecotrust funding will help the Good Life transition into their new home and lessen the financial burden of changing locations.