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The effects of climate change are already apparent, with observable changes in temperature, precipitation and extreme weather events over the last century. In Alberta, these changes will have various impacts on our ecosystems, human communities as well as plant, animal and bird life. As Alberta’s history of costly and disruptive extreme weather events suggests, most communities are not adequately prepared to cope with current climate conditions, let alone a future with increased climate variability and extremes.

Through a collaborative effort between All One Sky and other ENGOs, municipal and industry associations, we will increase the number of communities evaluating their climate risks and prepare cost-effective climate adaptation strategies by:

– Educating communities about the threats and opportunities posed by climate change and how to sustainably manage these;
– Generating information and tools that simplify the climate adaptation process, and;
– Creating examples for other communities to follow.

In one year, three Alberta regions will have participated in facilitated workshops to develop a plan to sustainably manage the impacts of climate change. The resulting educational materials and planning toolkit will be circulated via webinar, web pages and presentations at municipal gatherings. The project’s legacy will be an effective process and tools which build the capacity of communities to be sustainable in an unpredictable future. Success will be measured by surveying stakeholders about the workshop process and how their climate plans factor into their strategic planning. We will poll municipalities on the usefulness of the project’s process and tools.

Project Update
The goal of Climate Resilience Express was to produce a streamlined (“express”) process for developing a climate resilience action plan for smaller communities through a one-day workshop, and to subsequently prepare a ‘self-help’ Action Kit to support these communities in working through the entire process or parts of the process. Four smaller communities from across Alberta were selected to pilot the workshop and aspects of the Action Kit: Banff and Canmore, Black Diamond and Turner Valley, Bruderheim, and McKenzie County. Lessons learned and input from these communities proved invaluable in developing the Action Kit which is now available to small communities in Alberta as a resource to use in planning to adapt to our changing climate and managing risks and opportunities that may arise.

Download the Climate Resilience Express Action Kit: