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Cloverdale Community League



Currently the Cloverdale Community League hall is equipped with 40 year old HVAC equipment, fluorescent tube lights, inadequate insulation and energy inefficient windows and doors and lacks solar panels. Current total estimated GHG emissions are 35 tCO2e/y (MCCAC-TAME+). Thermal energy, from natural gas and electricity, is lost through heat escaping through a leaky, poorly insulated building envelope and by using inefficient aged equipment. This results is wasted energy, higher operating costs and higher emissions. The project is to increase the energy efficiency of the hall, and replace worn out features and produce electricity with PV solar panels.

Improvements include upgrades/replacement to the hall’s HVAC system, lighting, insulation, water and building envelope. Windows and doors will be replaced, air leaks sealed; 40 year-old HVAC replaced with energy efficient units; hot water-tank replaced with high efficiency on-demand heaters; lights replaced with LED fixtures, dimmers, occupancy controls; HVAC monitoring & control equipment upgraded; increased insulation in attic and crawlspace; replace shingles with steel roof , install PV solar panels.

Benefits of the Cloverdale Community League Green Energy Retrofit:
● reduced GHG by up to 77% (potential GHG reductions up to 20 tCO2e/y (MCCAC-TAME+ Dashboard);
● reduced carbon footprint and operating costs estimated at 33.5% (MCCAC TAME+ Dashboard);
● increased occupant comfort; extended building life;
● be a proactive response to climate change;
● provide public education for green energy solutions;
● demonstrate environmental stewardship and social responsibility;
● reduce dependence on non-renewable energy;
● avoid use of unnecessary energy;