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The Environmental Law Centre is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1982 to provide Albertans with an objective source of information on environmental law and natural resources law. The centre, which is staffed by four full-time lawyers, a librarian, and support staff, provides services in environmental legal education, assistance and information, research, and law reform. Funding for the centre is provided by the Alberta Law Foundation and through the generous support of the public. The centre also accepts private and government research contracts for work relevant to and consistent with the centre’s objectives.

Some of the centre’s recent projects include:

Conservation easement outreach and law reform
This project is aimed at providing legal and practical information about conservation easements to landowner advisors. The project is also reviewing conservation easement legislation and providing a legal brief to the government regarding potential reforms.

A “process guide” for environmental authorizations in Alberta
This project is aimed at developing a publication (or “process guide”) to provide the public and environmental organizations with legal information and strategies to effectively participate in approval and licensing processes under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Water Act.

The centre is also in the process of developing a project on legal tools and strategies for conserving agricultural land.

*Environmental Law Centre is a Founding Partner