Category: 2015, Climate, Community Grant, Completed


Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education



Climate change is an issue of both global and local importance. The projected adverse impacts on people, wildlife, water and ecosystems is unprecedented. Alberta Ecotrust has rightfully identified climate change as one of its top environmental priorities in its work to create sustainable environmental benefits for Alberta communities.

While there are policies being developed at the national and provincial level, there is a lot of opportunity for grassroots action and engagement. Calgary has many organizations and citizens’ groups working on climate change related issues; these include NGOs, cooperatives, activist groups, energy companies, clean technology companies, academia, governments and social justice groups. However, as Alberta Ecotrust has summarized in its mapping exercise, very few of them are explicitly involved in the field, and they have limited interactions with one another.

This project aims to build on the mapping work of Alberta Ecotrust, by identifying potential pathways to improve the effectiveness of local action to increase awareness of climate change issues, through collaboration. It will build an understanding of the goals and approaches of the different climate change related initiatives currently underway in and around Calgary. The next phase of building the network will use the recommendations of this project to implement some concrete activities that will increase collaboration between actors, drive more solutions-focused conversations on climate change, and more strategic local activity in the field. The form of the network would depend on the outcomes of this project and could range from a largely autonomous grouping of initiatives to a more coordinated effort.