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Would you like to share your idea for Alberta’s future at the 2018 Environmental Gathering? Do you have a proposed solution for making these future ideas happen now? Have a burning question or challenge for Alberta’s environmental future that needs to be discussed? We are looking for presentations and ideas to complete our Gathering Program that will help facilitate a new kind of environmental action in Alberta.

The format of the 2018 Gathering will look different than previous years. There will be less traditional speaking spaces (such as panels), and more time spent on idea cultivation, effective collaboration, and re-imagination. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future that includes all people.

Download: Request for Presentations Guidelines | Presentation Proposal Form


  • – Please submit proposed presentations using the Presentation Proposal Form by November 30th, 2018 to Amy Spark at [email protected].
  • – Submit up to two proposals
  • – Presenters on Friday or Saturday can attend the entire day of their session free of charge. If you want to attend the entire Gathering, you must pay the cost of a one-day ticket ($125).
  • – Alberta Ecotrust reserves the right to cancel a session


Following our opening Keynote, the first section of the Gathering will feature organizations or individuals with inspiring ideas for Alberta’s future. These forward-thinking and inspirational ideas will get delegates out of traditional modes of thought. These presentations are solutions-focused rather than problems-focused, with a clear emphasis on paving a path for Alberta’s future.

In accordance with Pecha Kucha style, these presentations should:

  • – Be visual (avoid content-heavy slides),
  • – Be succinct (no longer than 7 minutes),
  • – Invite delegates to engage further, and
  • – Clearly identify how this idea differs from the way environmental work is traditionally done in Alberta

These presentations may be merely ideas for future work, or showcase an ongoing project by you or your organization.

Following the presentation, speakers will to host a breakout session (community conversation) for approximately thirty minutes to provide delegates the opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and engage on a deeper level with your idea.


The second day of the Gathering will be spent fostering collaboration, moving beyond idea-sharing to idea-mobilization. To do so, we envision diverse perspectives working together to tackle a complex challenge. This is your chance to define the challenge!

We are looking for groups or individuals who are willing to do a deep-dive on a prospective issue as it relates to Alberta’s environmental future. This is not about presenting a new idea. Instead, it’s about convening a question around which a generative discussion can take place. This may be a challenge or question your individual organization is attempting to tackle, or may be more general to highlight the broader challenges associated with the environment in Alberta. You bring the challenge and an open mind – we will get diverse voices around the table and facilitate the process!

A good convening question:

  • – Engages (or requires) individuals from various sectors or perspectives (non-profit, government, industry, etc.)
  • – Is detailed rather than too broad
  • – Does not have an obvious answer or solution
  • – May contain paradoxes or trade-offs

For example,

  1. In what ways can [ex: community-owned energy/urban agriculture/water security] be fostered and supported in Alberta’s political and economic climate?
  2. What steps can be taken to encourage transparent, community-driven, and effective citizen engagement or mobilization?
  3. How do environmental non-profit organizations and industry work together effectively, especially when the missions of the parties involved are inherently dichotomous?

Does your organization have a tricky problem it is trying to solve? Are there groups you need to tap into in order for your work to be more effective? Are you looking for constructive and helpful feedback on a project or campaign? This is the forum in which to explore.

Please fill out the corresponding Presentation Proposal Form and describe the question or challenge you are proposing for the Solutions Forum. Why is this challenge important to embrace as we create Alberta’s environmental future?

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