We are still looking for presentations and workshop sessions that will be of interest to Alberta’s environmental community and to complete our program for our upcoming Environmental Gathering. Sessions should encourage attendees to think deeply about the change they are trying to make, the approach they are taking, and how they will know they are successful in their work.  At the Environmental Gathering we want attendees to be informed, provoked, and engaged – with opportunities to share and learn from each other. In the end, we want them to leave the event determined, focused and inspired to undertake their important work, maybe even in new and creative ways.

Download: Request for Presentations Overview | Application Form


  • ‣  Please submit proposed presentations using our application form by January 15th, 2016 to Rod Ruff at  [email protected]
  • ‣  Submit up to two sessions
  • ‣  Presenters on Friday or Saturday will be able to attend the entire day of their session free of charge. If you would like to attend the entire conference alongside your presentation, we will offer a reduced rate.
  • ‣  Travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement.
  • ‣  Alberta Ecotrust reserves the right to cancel a session



Presentation format:

  • ‣  35 minute sessions. 15 minute high energy presentation, 20 minute Q&A.
Creating Change: Building Momentum for Big Wins in Alberta

The first afternoon of the Gathering will feature a deep dive into the dynamics of social and environmental change. We are looking for presentations that round out our explanation of how change happens and some Alberta examples of successful approaches with far reaching impacts. Your presentation should inspire attendees with an example of a big environmental win and the approach you followed to get there.

We are looking for compelling presentations that fit into one or more of the following four categories:

Policy Change

‣  Approaches: Large leaps, coalitions, policy windows, messaging & frameworks, power politics, grassroots organizing

‣  Examples: City of Edmonton Energy Transition Strategy, Castle Wilderness Protection, Alberta’s Climate Change Panel, Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency (AEMERA)

Behaviour Change

‣  Approaches: Planned behaviour, social marketing, social dilemma, social diffusion, and norms, values and beliefs

‣  Examples: Bike Calgary, Edmonton Food Strategy, Alberta Land Use Services (ALUS)

Social and Environmental Innovation

‣  Approaches: Social labs, collective impact, design thinking, human centred design, systems thinking

‣  Examples: Project Blue Thumb, Get Out & Play Network, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, Calgary Can

Engagement and Activism

‣  Approaches: Theory of change, participatory evaluation & design, engagement pyramid,

‣  Examples: Access Management in the Oldman Watershed, Alberta Climate Dialogue, Alberta Coal Phase Out



Presentation format:

  • ‣  75 minute interactive workshop.
New Tools, Ideas, and Frameworks for Change

During the opening day of the event, attendees at the Gathering are presented with the current political, economic, and social context for environmental action in Alberta. Friday also provides examples of environmental success in Alberta and the requirements for achieving positive change.  Saturday will feature a deep dive into the skills, tools, and frameworks for making change happen.

We are looking for additional presentations that fit into one or more of our learning categories:

Strategy: How environmental groups can plan for the change they are intending to achieve.

‣  Potential topics: Good strategy vs bad strategy, using leverage points for change, psychology of behavior change, leadership development, succession & mentorship, collaboration and strategic alignment.

Action: The skills and tools we need to be effective in our work.

‣  Potential topics: Shared agendas and collective action, using data for impact, lean method and prototyping, design thinking, leading collaborations, adaptive management, network weaving.

Impact & Evaluation: The skills and approaches needed to define, measure, and communicate success.

‣  Potential topics: Program design, evaluation methodologies, scaling impact, measuring and communicating success.



Presentation format:

  • ‣ 30 minute roundtable discussion over breakfast.
  • ‣  5 minute introduction to topic, followed by a casual discussion facilitated by the roundtable leader.

Hotcakes and Hot Topics, Pancakes and Panaceas

Breakfast roundtables are informal conversations focused on a variety of topics and facilitated by attendees of the Gathering.  They are an excellent opportunity to engage your peers in interesting discussions based on the depth and breadth of environmental work occurring across Alberta.

Topics can be hot button environmental issues, trends pertaining to environmental work, challenges (both personal and organizational) in undertaking our work, or other topics that you feel are important. You tell us what you would like to talk about!

*You must be a registered participant at the Environmental Gathering to lead a breakfast roundtable and there is no discount or travel reimbursement for leading a conversation.


Download: Request for Presentations Overview | Application Form

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