On behalf of Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3), Alberta Ecotrust is requesting quotations for facilitation services for an LC3 planning meeting that will take place over 2.5 days, September 11 to 13, 2019 in Ottawa.


The deadline for responses to this Request for Quotations is 5:00 pm EST on July 29, 2019.


Please email your response in a single PDF document to Mary Pickering at [email protected].





About Low Carbon Cities Canada

Urban areas produce roughly half of Canada’s emissions. Without a significant reduction in urban emissions, we cannot fulfill our climate commitments. Canadian cities strive to be climate leaders, yet often struggle to scale up solutions because of short political cycles, siloed departments, limited resources and risk aversion. In short, there is a pressing need to bolster city-level climate capacity.

Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) is a proposed Pan-Canadian network of major urban climate centres that will help seven city regions to reach their full emissions reduction potential while at the same time unlocking co-benefits for local communities. The local centres follow the model established by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF), who has been demonstrating low-carbon ideas and preparing them for scale-up in Toronto since 1991. Now is the time to adapt TAF’s model for use in other Canadian cities, according to a recent cross-country consultation with leading urban climate solutions stakeholders.

Alberta Ecotrust is collaborating with the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton to establish Low Carbon Innovation Centres in both Calgary and Edmonton. The Centres will use impact investing, grantmaking, and local programming to scale low-carbon ideas like building retrofits, deployment of local renewable energy systems, electrification of transportation, shared mobility, and a zero-waste circular economy.

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