Step Up to the Great Canadian Giving Challenge

We need to change the numbers! Less than 3% of donations in Canada support the environment. We hope to inspire Albertans to say YES to charitable giving this June, a time when giving reaches its lowest levels by participating in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, a joint initiative from CanadaHelps and The GIV3 Foundation.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a national public contest running from June 1 to June 30, 2018 to benefit any registered Canadian charity. Every $1 donated to a registered charity in June via or automatically enters the charity to win an additional $10,000 donation. The grand prize draw is on Canada Day and one lucky charity will receive the grand prize of $10,000 – we really hope it will be us!

For environmental nonprofits, Alberta Ecotrust is a long-standing and critical source of funding, training and capacity building. The programs and projects we invest in with our partners demonstrate a tremendous cumulative and collective impact on Alberta’s natural systems. We have seen the capacity of environmental nonprofits and charities overall increase and we see movement towards authentic collaboration across sectors. Our investments don’t just focus on water, land use and climate change. They transform our communities. We estimate Alberta Ecotrust funded projects and programs will engage over 20,000 people in environmental action in 2018.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge grand prize of $10,000 will help Alberta Ecotrust engage new and diverse audiences through our new Alberta Climate Connect program – a province-wide network of organizations and citizens dedicated to increasing climate literacy and action in the province.

We believe that meaningful climate solutions must address a range of social, economic and environmental concerns, and incorporate a range of knowledge and approaches, including equity. We aim to bring a diverse cohort of leaders and organizations from all sectors of society – nonprofits, businesses, and government – to work on these challenges together. Alberta Climate Connect intends to provide a high impact learning and networking experience for people who are interested in engaging Albertans to take meaningful action on climate change.

With almost 200 members since Alberta Climate Connect’s launch in Fall 2017, two over capacity Talking Climate events with expert George Marshall in Edmonton and Calgary, the launch of the Alberta Narratives Project, the second cohort of Next Up’s Climate Leadership Program, we know from our programming alone that there is an appetite from Albertans to learn more about, connect on, and accelerate climate action in our province through dialogue, cultural and renewable energy initiatives.

The grand prize of $10,000 will allow us to host workshops and events tailored to learning about how specific groups like women, those differently abled, newcomers and Indigenous peoples feel about and are affected by climate change, and uncover how we can help accelerate action.

The conservation and protection of our environment is a shared responsibility. No other organization in the province is focused exclusively on funding innovative and capacity building projects in the environmental non-profit sector. We’re eager to get you involved in improving the health of Alberta’s environment through accelerating action on climate.

By contributing as an individual donor, your gift will help support more than 30 projects across Alberta this year. Your gift becomes part of the collective investment into Alberta’s environment by participating companies, environmental groups and dedicated Albertans like you. Because, it’s our home.


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  • Janet

    Climate change help is even more crucial now in Canada, due to the determination of our federal and Alberta provincial governments working together to increase the production of the oil sands and to have this transported to BC coast, through a dangerous path of waterways where the ship it is in could easily be run aground on rocks, then into the Pacific ocean where there are already terrible threats to its survival from Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster, to other previous oil spills, to plastic pollution and pollution of other toxic substances. Please, support this plan to help decrease climate change and to get s on a safer path of energy and other resource mining, use, and care of wastes. there are options now, for clean energy, and the 4.5 billion that is going to KinderMorgan could pay for a sufficient bump i the arm to get much more complete renewable energy systems in place. Other nations in the world, with fewer resources than Canada are doing this successfully.

  • Alan Smith

    We could all freeze in the dark in Alberta without reducing greenhouse emissions to any significant degree. A first step in caring for the environment is usually to create a healthy environment for addressing the Big Three sources of pollution —cars, commercial trucks and worst of all residential wood burning.


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