Thank You for protecting the environment and making Alberta a better place!

Whether you are an environmental or corporate partner of Alberta Ecotrust, an individual or small business donor, or a volunteer or staff member of a hardworking non-profit group, you are part of the Alberta Ecotrust network that is collectively achieving great gains in protecting our environment.

Thanks to everyone involved, Alberta Ecotrust has been and remains busy assisting those who champion and protect the environment. Here are some highlights:

  • ο May 1 we launched a new partnership with the City of Edmonton to deliver EcoCity Edmonton, a stream of environmental grants to support the City’s Energy Transition and Way We Green Strategies.
  • ο On June 3rd, our Grant Review Committee came together to decide which of the important community project applications Alberta Ecotrust partners will fund. Working together, the Committee decided to invest in seven environmental projects across Alberta.
  • ο On June 5th we partnered again with Crave Cupcakes to celebrate World Environment Day and raise funds for Alberta Ecotrust programs. Thank you Crave and everyone who participated!
  • ο  For the entire month of June you can support Alberta Ecotrust programs by bringing your own bag when shopping at Community Natural Foods and donating your bag credits to us.
  • ο  Next week we build on the results of Project Blue Thumb – our Water Social Lab aimed at building cohesive action on water quality issues in the Red Deer River watershed. Project Blue Thumb launched in April with 25 leaders from across Alberta participating in a two workshop that resulted in many new positive relationships and five new watershed initiatives.

Alberta Ecotrust brings together corporations and environmental nonprofit groups into working partnership to invest in solutions that protect our natural systems. We do this because we know that a healthy environment provides life and prosperity for all Albertans and that in a world where environmental issues are many and complex, the cooperative effort of people with diverse views and backgrounds is vital to finding workable solutions.

Thank you for believing in our mission. You make the difference.

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