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The environmental challenges we face are complex and can seem overwhelming. But we know these challenges are less daunting when we work together. And that’s why we are reaching out to those that are passionate about integrated and collaborative solutions, to help us reach our matching donation goal. 

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation has always believed there is unique power in bringing many different stakeholders together. We work with a range of different contributors to pool expertise, passion, and resources to support Alberta’s environment. 

For 30 years, we have been well known for funding tangible and transformational solutions to Alberta’s environmental and social challenges with the donations we receive. We strive to protect Alberta’s ecosystems in all facets by funding a variety of projects, strategic initiatives, and programs across Alberta.

Over the last three decades, we are fortunate to have built a growing community of support that recognizes how protecting the environment leads to resilient communities in Alberta. 

As our work and impact continues to grow, we hope to grow this community of support as well.

We are grateful for a generous, anonymous donor who has offered to match all new and increased donations made to Alberta Ecotrust before December 31, 2021, up to $30,000. They want to encourage others to join them in supporting our growth.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to join a community making real change for the environment, this is your chance to make your contribution go even further. 

Because, when you contribute to Alberta Ecotrust, you don’t have to choose between saving a watershed, defending parks, or reducing carbon emissions. We do it all by taking donations and using them to provide funding to other environmental charities in Alberta tackling this work.

When you donate to Alberta Ecotrust, you’re supporting the whole environmental nonprofit community. 

You’ll also join a community of people supporting environmental action in a meaningful way. Community members like monthly donor, Rachelle Haddock.  

Monthly Donor Rachelle Haddock“I have been a monthly donor to Alberta Ecotrust for 5 years. There are three reasons I am compelled to give. First, having spent most of my career working in the non-profit sector I understand the value of reliable monthly donations to support ongoing operations. Second, a donation to Alberta Ecotrust is one that also supports a wide range of non-profit organizations doing important work in our province on climate action, water and landscape conservation. Third, I believe in the incredible team of people who make up Alberta Ecotrust and it is a pleasure to play a small part in supporting their work. It feels good to give!” – Rachelle Haddock, Monthly Donor

We hope you will join donors like Rachelle and our anonymous matching donor, seeing lasting benefits in our communities by supporting environmental solutions with a donation to Alberta Ecotrust. 

Your gift to Alberta Ecotrust will go even further because all donations will be matched, but only for a limited time. So don’t wait, help us reach our matching goal of $30,0000.

Donate today.


Vicki Stroich, Engagement Director

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Vicki Stroich
Engagement Director

Vicki is a Calgary based facilitator, non-profit leader, community builder and dramaturg with over 20 years of experience. Designing and hosting creative spaces and fostering collaboration are Vicki’s great passions. She is currently Engagement Director for Alberta Ecotrust. Previously Vicki worked with Alberta Theatre Projects for over 16 years, serving as the company’s Executive Director for over 4 years. She has recently been exploring the intersection of the art and environmental sectors by participating in committees and programs that bring the work of artists and environmental communities together. She has a BFA Drama from University of Calgary and an Extension Certificate in Social Innovation and Changemaking from Mount Royal University. Vicki has received a Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Achievement for her work on new Canadian plays and is an Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 Alumni.

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