2018 Alberta Ecotrust Foundation New Partner Welcome

Welcome Pembina Pipeline & Teck Resources!

What began as a casual conversation between two visionary Albertans, one from the corporate sector and one from the nonprofit sector, has evolved into 27 years of close cooperation between participating companies, environmental groups and dedicated Albertans.


Being a Visionary Partner at Alberta Ecotrust means being part of a relationship built on the recognized shared responsibility for the health of our environment.


Volunteer representatives from an equal number of corporate and environmental nonprofit Partners work together to provide us with leadership, oversight and expertise. Some of these volunteers sit on our board of directors, and others on a committee to review grant applications from nonprofit organizations working on environmental projects.


We are truly grateful for the commitments of all of our Visionary Partners and are thrilled to welcome Teck Resources and Pembina Pipeline to this important group.


Pembina Pipeline has been a longtime supporter of Alberta Ecotrust, and recently renewed as a Partner for 2 years.


Teck Resources audited our partnership process last year and joined us as a Visionary Partner in 2018.


For environmental nonprofits, Alberta Ecotrust is a long-standing and critical source of funding, training, and capacity building. Our cumulative community investments have resulted in significant collective impacts on Alberta’s natural systems. This spring alone we had the honour and privilege to grant $250,000 to 15 environmental projects across the province.


Thank you, Pembina Pipeline and Teck Resources, for joining us as colleagues in a solution space where together, we can create the future we hope to see.

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