Why Support Environmental Causes?

There has been much written about how giving to others can have an amazing positive effect on our feeling of wellbeing.  The giving season can bring a lot of joy but it can also feel deeply overwhelming. There are so many causes that need (and deserve) our attention and donation dollars.  

As an organization that invests in the projects and people actively addressing Alberta’s most urgent environmental challenges we partner with industry, government and concerned Albertans to ensure there is robust support for healthy ecosystems for all Albertans.  We are one of the rare organizations that directs our grants exclusively to provincial initiatives to improve our environment and it means a lot to the organizations doing their work in our province. “These funds are especially important at this time when funding sources devoted to the protection of wildlife are relatively rare in Alberta and Canada. We are very grateful to have the confidence and support of Alberta Ecotrust,” confirms Elizabeth Agnew, Associate Director for Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada.  

Giving to environmental causes is vital but not always on the radar for Canadians.  According to recent studies by Imagine Canada and Rideau Hall Foundation as well as CanadaHelps, the percentage of giving to environmental causes is very low (approx. 2%) compared to other causes Canadians donate to.  

Alberta Ecotrust is fortunate to have a growing number of individual donors investing in environmental solutions in our province.  “While environmental issues are gaining traction in everyday parlance, there is still a long way to go before these causes are financially self-sustaining, and they can’t achieve that without the ongoing support provided by forward thinking individuals, corporations and government,” says donor Karen Goddard-Hermanson.  “Providing financial support to groups and individuals doing the hard work now will see huge rewards down the road – environmentally and socially, and also from a business perspective.”

Many donors, like Joan Lawrence, see Alberta Ecotrust’s rigorous granting process and the range of environmental solutions we support as the perfect way to direct their funds for maximum impact.  “There are so many good causes, it can be difficult to know where a donation will do the most good. I feel confident that Alberta Ecotrust is able to assess and support projects that have a strong chance of success,” Lawrence reflects.  

As you consider giving this holiday season, consider a gift to an environmental cause you care about.  It will be greatly appreciated by the Albertans working on environmental projects around the province. We also invite you to join the growing community of support here at Alberta Ecotrust with a donation.


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