Working (and Learning) Together

The relationship Alberta Ecotrust’s Visionary Partners have with the people and projects they support through the Environmental Grant Program doesn’t end with the funding cheque.


Each of our Visionary Partners participate actively in stewarding the projects they collectively support. Project stewards often team up and have the opportunity to work with one of their colleagues to support a project sometimes offering expertise and an encouraging word. The learning happens both ways, as stewards get an inside view of the unique challenges that community organizations encounter in their environmental projects.


Visionary Partner stewards Laura Bishop, Communications and Community Investment Manager for Imperial, and Adrianne Lovric, Geographic Communications Manager for Dow Canada, recently had the opportunity to learn first-hand what goes into Leftovers Foundation’s work not only in addressing food insecurity but also keeping food waste out of landfills.


“When you have the opportunity to meet someone where they are and listen to their needs, you receive the gift of clarity about how you can help. I appreciated the opportunity to join Leftovers Founder Lourdes Juan on a ride-along to the Italian Shop where we meet with the grocer’s management team and learned about how the service allows them to be part of a community feeding solution,” reflects Bishop.


“I’m really thankful we had the opportunity to meet Lourdes to better understand the foundation’s challenges and opportunities. It is encouraging to know that perfectly good food isn’t going to waste and is instead helping those in need,” Lovric added.


Leftovers’ project, Preventing Food Waste in Landfill, will help them improve their communication and operating systems to meet the growing demand for food rescue in both Calgary and Edmonton, including improving and developing online platforms and apps to make it easier for businesses and community organizations to use Leftovers’ services.


“The organization clearly plays a vital role in the community and I was struck by how focused Lourdes and her team are on ensuring the volunteer/supplier experience is as positive and seamless as possible through the second version of the app they are developing,” says Lovric.


Helping build relationships between our Visionary Partners and the breadth of organizations working on environmental projects is one of the most vital parts of our work here at Alberta Ecotrust. Thank you to Visionary Partners like Imperial and Dow Canada for the resources you put into our Environmental Grant Program and thanks to organizations like Leftovers Foundation for the impact you make in our community!



Photo: Lourdes Juan of Leftovers Foundation, courtesy of Adrianne Lovric

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