Embedding Equity in Energy Efficiency Financing Programs



Financing programs are an important and impactful mechanism to encourage the uptake of retrofits for households, but how can we design these programs to consider the unique needs of lower income Canadians?

As part of their work developing a financing program in the Waterloo Region, Reep Green Solutions and Kambo Energy Group worked together to analyze potential equity impacts of an efficiency financing program and develop recommendations that ensure Low and Moderate Income households are protected and included in the program appropriately.

Join this webinar as Reep and Kambo release their report and share their learnings of the barriers, risks, and recommendations of financing programs as they relate to lower income households.

Alberta Ecotrust is excited to host this timely conversation to share these learnings across the sector as municipalities and communities consider the gap for lower income households and share details of the energy poverty focused Home Upgrades Program to be launched in Edmonton and Calgary.

Register for the Webinar on July 13th at 11:00 AM MT

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