Growing Together: A message from Rod Ruff

AEF retreat team photo 2024. People standing in group photo.




Alberta Ecotrust has been through a period of remarkable transformation the last few years. We’ve expanded upon our traditional role of providing grants to directly engaging in climate action programs, making direct impact investments, and improving how we share our work with the community. All of our work is oriented towards creating systemic change by mobilizing resources across various sectors and fostering innovation. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of our transformation has been the growth of our team at Alberta Ecotrust. We've welcomed passionate new members who bring diverse skills and fresh perspectives to our organization. Our team now includes specialists in environmental science, building science and engineering, policy, communications, impact investing, finance, and community engagement.

As our team has grown, so has our capacity to innovate, collaborate and manage more ambitious projects. We’ve intensified our efforts in key areas, such as the Home Upgrades Program and Emissions-Neutral Building Information Exchange, while continuing to support other organizations' environmental and climate initiatives through our various funding programs. 

Looking forward, we have the launch of our new retrofit accelerator program in the fall. This program aims to reduce emissions from existing commercial and multi-family buildings in Alberta by providing tailored retrofit coaching services to building owners and operators, while expanding the province's energy retrofit network.

Our team is also working towards relaunching the Environmental Gathering in the spring of 2025. This event brings together environmental leaders, stakeholders, and community members to share knowledge, foster collaboration and inspire action. As a venue where many of our partners come together in-person, the Gathering provides a platform for exchanging ideas and strategies, enhancing our collective capacity to address Alberta's environmental and climate challenges.

I am filled with a sense of pride and excitement about the present and future of Alberta Ecotrust, and I invite you to join us on this journey. Stay informed about our progress through our newsletter and social media, and get involved by sharing our news with others and donating to support our work.

- Rod Ruff, President, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation