Category: Environment, GRC Member


Growing up in Vancouver, surrounded by oceans, rivers, mountains and trees, Areni has been an “environmentalist” long before she knew the word. She connected with the land and water everyday and the importance of keeping them clean. She’s lived in Vancouver, the Okanagan, Edmonton and now calls Calgary home. Having had the opportunity to live and travel throughout Canada, she remains in awe of the natural resources we’ve been gifted and to which we have a responsibility to preserve for generations to come. Working for Green Calgary has allowed her to come to work each day inspired to, in a small way, give back to the planet that sustains us all.

At Green Calgary, she’s been given an opportunity to lead transformative change; something Green Calgary has done many times over its 35+ year history. The organization has evolved as the environmental movement has, shifting to stay current, relevant, and pragmatic in its approach to urban sustainability. Areni counts herself fortunate to be able to use her business acumen, leadership, marketing, and ability to think strategically while implementing at a grassroots level for a cause that affects us all.