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High Prairie Regional Environmental Action Committee



The Society of High Prairie Regional Environmental Action Committee (REAC) supports the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. Their mission involves both public education about and activities supporting responsible waste management, sustainable energy production, sustainable resource development, airshed and watershed protection in the region.

For many years, questions have been percolating in regards to tailing ponds in Northern Alberta and their potential for interaction with groundwater and surface water. Last year, an official complaint was made to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Canada, US, Mexico) regarding the potential for leaking tailings, and Environment and Climate Change Canada continues to investigate.

REAC’s project, conducted in partnership with Keepers of the Athabasca, intends to connect a team of hydrogeologists, some working in the area for over a decade, with Traditional Knowledge holders, First Nations technical experts, and those closest to the land in order to develop tools toward watershed literacy, citizen science, and water monitoring programs.  Together they will develop a prioritized groundwater/surface water quality and interaction database and digital visualization tool to be freely shared with communities, industry groups, and others who may be interested.