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This project is a continuation of a first year of water quality sediment analysis in the Bighill Springs Creek, Cochrane. The second year study is to compare and reaffirm the extensive data obtained over 2017 to 2018.

The detailed data at five specific sites have shown good water quality in the creek, particularly from its source in the Provincial Park, through the confluence with the Bow River. The sediment analysis at the site nearest the Bow River has shown evidence of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and suggests further sediment analysis should be done upstream within the Town of Cochrane. This unexpected finding suggests a previous source in Cochrane. tHE Bighill Creek Preservation Society (BCPS) will repeat this study in order to look for changes. This will allow comparisons over time and space as well as correlations with land uses affecting water quality. BCPS will then compare the results to those of the first year study to see if they are consistent.

The baseline study is designed to provide the information necessary to help protect the aquatic and riparian environments, the downstream receiving waters, as well as to support reclaiming the watershed as a recreational zone and for the reintroduction of a sport fishery.
BCPS’s goal is to protect the creek, to keep it as healthy as could be. The Town of Cochrane administration will now be provided with proof of water quality and habitat.